About Us

                                                                             LOCAL AS IT GETS                                                                 

           In 2011, two lifelong friends had a vision to create a locally inspired brand that everyone could love, and Local As It Gets was born. Both born and raised on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Riley and Kelly were inspired by all things local to their unique and beautiful home. The inspiration behind the brand is a diversive mix of rich history, heritage, lifestyles, and livelihoods. Both Riley and Kelly have a passion for the outdoors so these two lovers and friends had a vision to blend fashion, fun, and adventure into a brand with a local touch that everyone could wear. Blending style with comfort into an eco-friendly collection of garments has always been key season after season.

Kelly, a native of Corolla, ventured out west to discover her dreams in fashion, design, and merchandising. As a designer and stylist with a passion for traveling, Kelly has been able to incorporate all her knowledge and inspiration into the brand.

 Riley is a native Manns Harbor. He’s able to mix his eye for photography, his love for fishing, surfing, and the great outdoors to create a visual branding for Local As It Gets. Each collection of designs are created and printed locally in-house by these two.

The LAIG brand has expanded into a quality line of apparel and accessories for men, women, and children. Their designs change season to season; keeping the brand new and fresh.  While Local As It Gets continues to grow, their goals are to incorporate more local artists with a team of go-getters in other places around the world.  Local As It Gets has become more than just an NC brand, it's a lifestyle everyone can embrace and wear proud no matter where you call home.

Live Local.  Love Local. Support Local.

Local As It Gets